Barn Eleven is a creative collaboration between artists and designers to create unique products. We believe that creativity is endless and there are thousands of products that could be born once multiple creative minds sit together and brainstorm.

We started out very simple, designing various tshirts concepts. We know each and every people have different interest and hobbies, from the normal to the strangest and we value the diversity. We try to offer variety of concept, and we hope people of all interest can find what they need in Barn Eleven: from astrology or horoscope, pets, sports to Harry Potter fans.

Beside the design, we know in the end, it’s all about feeling comfortable in what you wear. That’s why we provide the best quality material, not the typical cheap tshirts that will wear out quickly or those that feel like you are wearing a sack. No, our tee feels soft and we’re sure you love it.

Ultimately, Barn Eleven is not only about tshirts or tee, we are coming up with new product concept and design, and we’re sure some of them will be a good fit to you. Stay tune at our blog and see what we have next



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