T-shirt is considered to be the simplest fashion style, you simply look for your size, choose your favorite color, pay it and wear it. But there are many factors in choosing t-shirts that need to be considered and that can impact they way you look. Fabric is one of the most important one. In this specific post, we will show you some types of t-shirt fabric and we will recommend which fabric you need to choose



This is arguably the most common fabric used for t-shirts. It is soft and breathable, thus allowing your body to breath in the heat of summer and warm up in the cold of winter. Compare this to synthetic fabrics which usually follow the temperature. Another great advantage of cotton is the affordable price.

Combed cotton

Compared to regular cotton, combed cotton is extremely soft and also more expensive. The process to make combed cotton is more complicated too. The cotton needs to be cleaned (or combed) to separate the short cotton fibers and any other impurities. This process will leave only a long straight fibers which then are lined up and aligned. The result is a stronger and smoother fabric.

Organic Cotton

The main difference between organic and regular cotton is how they are grown. As the word “organic” suggests, there is no agricultural chemicals like pesticides or fertilizer used in the growing process of organic cotton. It maintains the soil fertility and does not leave an ecological footprint. Because of this special growing methods, organic cotton is more expensive and softer too.


Linen is basically a textile made from flax plant. What does it mean? It means the fiber is very absorbent, lightweight and breathable. Linen is a perfect choice for summer outfit since it maintains coolness and absorb moisture in hot weather. Also, the more you wash a linen, the more softer it gets.


This material is usually found in athletic apparel due to its excellent characteristic in maintaining its shape and its resistant to shrinking or stretching. Polyester is also very resilient, quick drying and resistant to mold or mildew. Most people recommend t-shirts made from polyester for outdoor activity or for backpackers since it can dry faster after washing.

Blend Fabric

As the word simply suggest, blend fabric is a marriage between two or three fabrics. One of the most common one is cotton and polyester blend. The result is a strong material, taking advantage of the strength from both fabric. This blend will stay cool and breathable, and at the same time, it will have the strength and quick drying, wrinkle-resistance characteristic of polyester.


Rayon is often used as a more affordable alternative to silk. Rayon is a man-made fibre made out of trees, cotton and plants. It wrinkles easily and does not have the quality to sustain a prolonged wear.

So, those are some of the most common t-shirt materials. Hopefully you can choose your type of t-shirt depending on your needs and activities. T-shirt is popular for its ease of use and it can also be a fashionable apparel, if you wear it confidently and comfortably.


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